May 21, 2024

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(SN) An incident involving two aggressive dogs occurred in the Beerenkampen district on Monday evening. The dog’s owner and his four-legged friend were injured. Police are appealing for tips from witnesses.

According to the investigation, the Minden man was walking his dog at the corner of Hutten Street and Martin Luther Street around 7:50 p.m. when he encountered another man with two dogs. One of the animals was not on a leash. When the two dogs saw the 35-year-old terrier, the dog, which had been on a leash, apparently broke free and lunged at the man and his four-legged friend. When the man from Minden made up his mind and ran to the property to pick up his companions, he suffered a bite wound to one hand. His animal also had his back and front legs bitten by a dog that lunged at him. While veterinarians were treating the small patient, the owner also sustained minor injuries that required treatment. The victim then contacted the police and filed a complaint.

Police are now calling (0571) 88660 for information about the previously unknown man, as the chaotic situation on Hutten Street prevented personal information from being exchanged between those involved. He is described as being between 40 and 50 years old, between 185cm and nearly 190cm tall, of a stocky build, with a bald head and a beard. The unknown person was reportedly wearing a black vest, gray sweater, blue jeans and sneakers. According to information, the two dogs could possibly be two so-called list dogs, white and black-gray American Staffordshire terriers.

Media inquiries should only be directed to the address below.

Minden-Lübecke District Police Authority
Press and public relations

Thomas Bensch (TB), Tel: 0571/8866-1300
Alexandra Brakeman (AB), Tel: 0571/8866-1301
Nils Schröder (SN), phone 0571/8866-1302

Outside business hours:

Minden-Lübecke Police Control Center

Phone number: (0571) 8866-0

Original content: Minden Lübecke Police, sent by news aktuell


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