July 12, 2024

If your cat sits next to someone who smokes weed, things can go horribly wrong. “Symptoms can develop that can be life-threatening,” says veterinarian Moira Gerlach of the Society of Animal Welfare Veterinarians (TVT). Pets should be kept out of reach while smoking cannabis.

And what happens if an animal accidentally eats an empty baked good? “Consult your veterinarian as soon as possible,” advises Dr. Gerlach. If within 2 hours after injection, the animal may vomit. This means that harmful substances are directly excreted from the body. Even if it happened a long time ago, you should consult your veterinarian. Important: Don’t lie. “Be honest about what your animal has ingested,” Gerlach warns.

Not relaxing at all

Cannabis consumption can go unnoticed. How does the owner recognize poisoning in such cases? Neurological symptoms (dilated pupils, staggering, tremors, convulsions, etc.) and gastrointestinal symptoms (salivation, vomiting) are common. However, the severity of symptoms varies depending on the animal and the amount ingested.

Behavior may also change, and the animal may show restlessness, apathy, increased vocalization, and even aggressive behavior or even bite if a seizure occurs. In either case, the following applies: “If you suspect poisoning, contact your veterinarian immediately,” says Moira Gerlach.

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