May 21, 2024

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Welver owners have to pay 480 euros to buy a Rottweiler. This breed is considered dangerous. Currently, purebred and Rottweiler mixes are registered in the community.
Welver owners have to pay 480 euros to buy a Rottweiler. This breed is considered dangerous. We currently have purebred and Rottweiler mixes registered. © dpa

The number of dogs registered at Welver is on the decline. As a result, the city expects dog tax revenue to decrease in 2024.

Welver – €414 million: The Federal Statistical Office reports record dog tax revenues across Germany. How much money does dog tax bring into Welver City coffers and how much do dog owners pay to keep their dogs?

There are currently 1,567 dogs registered with the City of Wellver for tax purposes. “In 2023, the number was 1,602,” spokesperson Wolfgang Brückenkemper said in an interview with this newspaper. This means the number of his barking four-legged friends has decreased by 35.

The city received approximately 109,823 euros from the dog tax in 2023. According to Brückenkemper, for 2024 it will probably be 106,435 euros by the due date.

It’s also quite expensive to own a dangerous dog in Welver.

But what do dog owners pay in Wellbar? Dog tax is a local tax, the amount and structure of which is determined by each local authority’s tax laws. The same is true for Wellber. There is also another dog tax law here. This is from December 12, 2019, proposed by the Executive and decided by the Parliament.

People who live in Welver and own a dog pay a dog tax of €60 per year. For two dogs he will cost 90 euros per dog. If you have more than 3 dogs, there is an annual fee of 120 euros per dog.

Dog tax will be added to dangerous dogs. This applies both to dogs suspected of being dangerous by law (so-called list dogs) and to dogs whose dangerousness has been determined in individual cases (case dogs). According to Welver Tax Law, a dog that is found to be aggressive by a veterinarian’s report, has “jumped at a person in a dangerous manner,” or has been “proven to have chased or torn apart wild or domestic animals uncontrollably.” This also includes “dogs that have been killed.” , dogs and cats. ”

It costs 480 euros per year to own a fighting dog in Wellver.

Anyone who owns a “dangerous dog” in Welver will pay €480. If you have two or more “dangerous dogs”, you will be paid 600 euros per dog. Wellbar also has no limit on the number of dangerous dogs per owner. “The tax increase is intended to emphasize the greater responsibility borne by owners of ‘dangerous dogs,'” Brückenkemper explains. Welver currently has four dogs classified as dangerous goods registered for tax purposes. These include bullmastiffs, rottweilers, rottweiler mixes, and pit bull terrier mixes.

We can only guess how many “black sheep” there are among dog owners who do not register their animals. “The government randomly checks the status of dogs,” Brückenkemper explains. Not only current information but also historical data is used.

What owners of listed dogs should consider

Owners must be over 18 years old and must prove authenticity with a police certificate. Dog liability insurance must cover at least €500,000 for personal injury and €250,000 for property damage. Dogs must be chipped. Owners must be physically able to lead their dogs on a leash and be knowledgeable about nutrition, husbandry, training, laws, and animal characteristics. To do this, you will need to provide proof of your expertise. As a general rule, registered dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzled when in public from the age of 7 months onwards. If the animal passes a special personality test, it may be exempt from both tests. Cities and local governments collect taxes on registered dogs. Rates can vary widely. According to a study by the Taxpayers Association of North Rhine-Westphalia from 2023, the dog tax for dangerous dogs could range from 120 euros to 1,200 euros. If the dog passes the personality test, the owner will be exempt from the increased dog tax. Not all cities impose increased taxes on listed dogs, and regular dog tax rates apply.

According to dog tax regulations, tax liability begins on the 1st of the month in which you adopt your dog. The City of Wellver will send a dog tax stamp per dog along with a tax assessment or tax exemption certificate. The law’s text states: “Dog owners may allow their dogs to run outside their homes or fenced premises only if a valid tax stamp is visibly affixed.” it is written like this. Dog owners are obliged to present a valid tax stamp to a representative of the Welver Municipality upon request. Tax liability ends at the end of the month in which the dog is sold, retired, lost, or lost.

This is the amount paid by dog ​​owners in the neighborhood.

For comparison: in the city of Möhnessee you will pay 70 euros for 1 dog, 82 euros for 2 dogs and 94 euros for 3 or more dogs. It costs 400 euros for one dangerous dog and 610 euros for two or more.

In the city of Ham, a dog costs €90, a dangerous dog costs €696, and if you have more than one registered dog, you will be charged a tax of €864 per dog.

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