May 20, 2024

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Rescue dogs are important in search operations because, with proper training, they often find and save people in trouble. However, not all dogs are suitable as rescue dogs.

Dogs need something to do. Simply lying in a cage at home all day is not a physically or cognitively appropriate task for most pets. However, if you take on the responsibility as a rescue dog, you can not only keep the dog happy and balanced, but also greatly strengthen the relationship with the owner. However, not all dogs are suitable for this task, and although the training is intensive, the task is even more fulfilling.

Rescue dog: I want a hungry four-legged friend

A rescue dog on a leash.
Training to become a rescue dog can take up to three years. (Iconic image) © Knut Niehus/Imago

Dogs that especially like to eat treats are popular rescue dogs. bavarian radio You will be drawn to training and easily excited. However, this is just one criterion among many. This is what the dog must do before training. hospital personnel It also has the following characteristics and requirements:

  • Must be no older than 2 years old (the earlier training begins, the better)
  • Hunting or herding dogs are best.
  • Must enjoy learning
  • Don’t be aggressive or fearful

However, a rescue dog’s ability is only as good as its owner. Because it all comes down to working as a team. So people should also have the right requirements. It takes physical strength, stamina, team spirit and above all, a lot of time. It takes about 2-3 years to train with a dog. During this period, owners must invest approximately 700 to 750 hours per year in training.

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It should be made clear that in addition to training with dogs, training to become a paramedic, for example, must also be completed. You’ll also need to learn the basics of disaster preparedness, complete radio training for authorities, and be able to read maps and interpret GPS data. At the end of training there is a test that both dog and human must pass.

Rescue dog training: 3 types of search dogs

Not all rescue dogs are the same. Generally, there are three types of search dogs:

  • man trailer
  • rubble dog
  • area exploration dog

A mantrailer is searching for a missing person. For example, sniff a missing person’s girlfriend’s shirt and search for a missing person in a specific area. Debris dogs and area search dogs specialize in quickly and effectively searching large areas for survivors. If you find someone, please make a noise and report your discovery.’s new WhatsApp channel is here!

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Rescue dogs are used, for example, after environmental disasters such as floods or earthquakes, when people are reported missing, or to rescue people at risk of suicide. This training is available to public aid organizations as well as private providers.of Johanniter For example, we pay for the entire training. However, this is not the case everywhere.

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