May 18, 2024

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The pit bull is said to belong to a family friend. The mayor of the town where the accident occurred was disappointed and issued a warning.

EBOLI – A young child has died in an incident in Italy. A 15-month-old boy was attacked and killed by a dog. Several Italian media outlets reported on this tragic incident. This incident is reminiscent of a fatal dog attack in Austria in 2023.

Pitbull kills toddler in Italy – mother tries to save son

The attack is said to have taken place on the morning of April 22 in Eboli, a town in southern Italy’s Salerno province, it specifically writes. Rai News Citing police information. Therefore, the child was on the square in front of a two-story house with his mother and uncle.

American pit bull terrier running.
A pit bull bit a toddler to death in Italy. (Iconic image) © IMAGO / Cavan Images

Suddenly, two pit bulls burst out of the house and attacked the boy, who was in his uncle’s arms.It says the dogs “literally ripped him out of his arms.” Rai News. Her mother tried to save her son from the animal’s claws but failed.

‘Tragedy’: Mayor issues ‘warning’ to dog owner after dog attack

The pit bull bit the boy to death. When paramedics arrived, they could only confirm that he was dead. Her mother was taken to hospital with deep bite wounds, but her injuries were not life-threatening. Her uncle suffered only minor injuries. The Salerno public prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation. Back in February, a man jogging near Rome was attacked and killed by several Rottweilers.

Mayor Mario Conte told a local newspaper: “This is a tragedy that affects everyone.” Salerno today, after rushing to the scene. He said only one animal was attacked, but both animals were taken to a veterinarian. Conte continued: “There is no explanation as to why this attack happened, and because the dog was always there.”

The two dogs are said to belong to family friends. The attack is a warning to “unfortunate people who own special dogs.” If they are not treated in a certain way and ignored, they are likely to do such things,” Conte continued.

Certain dog breeds banned in England and Wales after attacks

Italian consumer protection organization Kodacons has long urged owners of dangerous dog breeds to obtain a license. Recent deaths caused by dogs are likely to spur debate. American XL Breeze has been banned in England and Wales from February 1, 2024, following an increase in attacks by American XL Breeze. (Mountain)

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