May 27, 2024

Some four-legged friends aren’t particularly interested in their canine companions. Therefore, this time we will introduce dog breeds that are not very aggressive towards other dogs.

Why are some dogs not interested in other dogs?

There are various reasons why your four-legged friend may not be particularly interested in his canine companion. Just like us humans, it happens that dogs can’t “sniff” certain members of their species well, that is, they don’t like the smell. Interest rates are correspondingly low. Additionally, some dogs are quite solitary and want little interaction with their canine companions. But which dog breeds are less open to other furry friends and why?

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This dog breed matches your zodiac sign

This dog breed matches your zodiac sign

Akita dog

All Japanese dog breeds Not a team player. Instead, she acts loyal and loyal to her caretaker, but she shows little or no interest in other members of her species. With proper training, it is possible to make a proud lone wolf socially acceptable to a certain extent. However, Akitas will never become exclusive players on a team.

Akita dogAkita dog
Akita dog (© Pixabay/Uadrienn)

australian cattle dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is one of the sporty herding dogs that stands out for its intelligent, hardworking, and loyal behavior. This breed is an excellent guard dog, but is often intolerant of other dogs. Therefore, it makes sense to keep a herding dog in a rough condition without other dogs or to incorporate it into a pack from an early age.

australian cattle dog australian cattle dog
Australian Cattle Dog (© pixabay/6591713)


Originally derived from the Celtic Hound breed, the cute Dachshund is still often mistaken for a domestic dog. This curious dog is very brave, gentle and friendly, but a stubborn loner. Therefore, Dachshunds can be stubborn and sometimes brash when dealing with other pets. Thanks to its strong playfulness and hunting instinct, this active four-legged friend also likes to get into trouble with other members of its species.

Duckel (©pixabay/jhatton1)

german shepherd dog

This is not to say that smart German Shepherds have no interest in their canine companions. However, this breed, which has a wide range of interests and is often used for demanding duties as protection dogs and police dogs, is a breed that has regular contact with other puppies and strangers while still a puppy. and must be well socialized. Because they cannot be re-socialized into adulthood, they can become very suspicious of their peers, and may even become fearful and aggressive.

german shepherdgerman shepherd
German Shepherd (© pixabay/Summerstock)


The gentle Schnauzer is well-mannered, but can become mischievous when bored. Although he gets along well with his owner, this curious furry friend isn’t particularly fond of other members of his species. The only exceptions are dogs and cats that curious guard dogs grew up with.

Schnauzer (©pixabay/IsabellWolf)


Pomeranians are small but confident. Although he gets along very well with children, he gets along only to a limited extent with other members of his species. He has a tendency to bark, especially at strange dogs, and can get into trouble with larger dogs.

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