May 20, 2024

Dog owners generally cannot complain about lack of exercise. However, the sport remains on the wayside for many.Articulation exercises promise all kinds of benefits for people and hierarchy.

5 reasons why you should exercise together

  1. Playing sports together strengthens the relationship of trust between humans and animals.
  2. Sports train social behavior in dogs.
  3. Sports not only improves balance in people, but also in dogs. After the training session, we both feel satisfied and exhausted.
  4. Sports make people happy. This also applies to dogs. Sports have a positive effect on the animal’s psyche.
  5. Your dog motivates you. Combined with daily walks and exercise, your dog will help you stay on track.

Dogs and their owners/lovers: 10 sports you can train together

Keeping your four-legged friend healthy is not a problem for their owners. Not all sports are suitable for all dogs, but there are many options.

jogging & walking
Jogging and dogs – often this is not a good combination. However, jogging or walking with your four-legged friend is easy for many dog ​​breeds. This may be difficult with small, short animals. All you need to do with your pug is walk it.

As a precaution, have your dog checked by your veterinarian beforehand, and for your own benefit, avoid running out during the hottest part of the day. Make sure you and your four-legged friend have enough water and prefer to choose a soft walking surface. This protects your joints.

It makes sense to buy a belly leash so that you have both hands free when jogging or walking.

to swim
Swimming is not only a very healthy sport for humans. Dogs can also strengthen their muscles while swimming without putting stress on their joints. Swimming strengthens your heart and also increases your endurance.

Pitfall: Not all dog breeds like water. Retrievers and Newfoundlands are true brown rats. If your four-legged friend isn’t one of those people, give her time to get used to the cold water.

dog frisbee
The sport of throwing discs originated in the United States, but is now gaining popularity here as well. Dog Frisbee sports competitions are mainly held in three disciplines: freestyle, mini and long distance. Freestyle in particular has a lot of room for your own creative choreography.

dog dance
If you’re looking for some extra fun, you can even try your hand at dog dancing. There are also freestyle variations here that use freely definable elements, shapes, or jumps to convincingly implement musical themes. The so-called heel work for music is even more severe. We focus on the expressiveness of dance between dogs and humans while practicing prescribed positions.

dog yoga, running
“Downward-Facing Dog” is one of the most famous yoga poses. It’s a sport you can do with your four-legged friends. The effects of training are similar in humans and animals: relaxation, loosening, and relief of spasms.

Doga is usually offered in group sessions, so your four-legged friend must have a certain level of social compatibility with other animals and people.

Dogs that like to work out and relieve stress make great soccer partners. If dogs and their owners enjoy it, it’s worth purchasing a special dog soccer ball. It’s a little smaller so it’s easier for the animals to pack.

inline skates
If your dog obeys every word and walks well, you can also take him on inline skates. If your commands don’t always work, you should first keep practicing. Failure to do so can be dangerous for both parties.

ride a bicycle
Cycling together is similar. Bike training begins by pushing the bike next to your dog before riding. Special flexible lines provide additional safety.

cross country skiing
What about winter sports and dogs? You cannot bring your four-legged friend to the slopes. However, there is no problem for cross-country skiing. To prevent your four-legged friend’s feet from hurting, you should apply milk grease to their feet before a snowy round or buy shoes for their tongues.

And: Make sure your pet doesn’t eat too much snow while on tour. Because it causes gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea.

Getting started is always difficult – these 5 tips will get you started in the sport together

  1. I’m going to take it slow! This gives your dog a chance to become familiar with the sport and equipment.
  2. be patient! Don’t put pressure on the animal and try to get it used to new situations in a playful way. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Don’t train for long periods of time, especially at first. A few minutes is enough to get started. As a rule, dogs rest for 18-20 hours per day.
  4. If your dog shows signs of stress (panting, drooping dark red tongue, shortness of breath, etc.), training should be stopped.
  5. Both parties should enjoy the sport together and feel comfortable.

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