May 18, 2024

Two dogs attacked a young child and the mother intervened. The child did not survive the attack – the mother was injured.

The toddler is in his uncle’s arms. As they left their home in Salerno (Italy) on Monday morning, two dogs attacked and literally tore the child from his uncle’s arms. The child did not survive being bitten by two pit bulls, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The boy’s mother is said to have tried to protect him but was unsuccessful. She was taken to hospital with deep bite wounds, but her injuries were not life-threatening. According to an initial investigation by Italian police, the dog was left with her family when they moved.

“That’s a tragedy.”

According to information from Anza news agency, the boy is said to be 15 months old, but Austrian newspaper OE24 says he is only 13 months old. Until recently, it was not possible to independently confirm the actual age of the murdered child.

“This is a tragedy that has shocked the entire community, and so it should,” Mayor Mario Conte told Anza. Conte continued that the dogs have always lived with the family. According to Kodacons, an organization that promotes consumer protection and safety, around 70,000 dog attacks occur in Italy every year.

In Germany, there is a list of dog breeds classified as potentially dangerous, but in Italy there is currently no such list. There, the risks to dogs are classified individually. In that case, conditions such as training may be imposed on the dog and owner. In this case of Salerno, there was no risk prediction so far.

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