May 20, 2024

Animal shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia always want to provide the best possible environment to help dogs, cats, rats, etc. in the best possible way. This may require building construction work, for example, to create more space for the poor animal. But at the same time, the number of dramatic emergencies has unfortunately not decreased.

Bergheim Animal Shelter (NRW) needed to know this too. There is currently a large construction site there and space for dogs is very limited. And this is always the case when an animal shelter has a puppy emergency.

Dog and puppy emergency at NRW animal shelter

“Everything turns out differently than you think,” Bergheim Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook on Sunday (April 21). “I just received a call from the veterinarian’s office saying that an Old English Bulldog puppy is in poor condition and needs to be kept in an apartment.”

Bergheim Animal Shelter, whether it’s a large construction site or not, is an emergency situation where we not only had to help, but wanted to help.

Animal caretakers must improvise

“We once again showed our talent for improvisation, reorganizing our existing dogs and freeing up space in our quarantine facility,” the animal shelter explains, along with a photo of four English bulldogs in their new accommodation. I showed you.

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Below the photo, it says, “Four puppies moved in yesterday. A fifth is expected to follow.” “They were born in December, but they seem underdeveloped and are quite emaciated. They have not been vaccinated or chipped, which is also our job. Their health status so far. Please keep quiet and don’t submit your placement request yet.

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The Facebook community has a lot of sympathy. One user wrote: “I feel like crying when I see the poor dog.” Another person agrees with this and seems almost hopeless. “What’s wrong everywhere? What’s wrong with our society?”

It is still not clear how it happened that there were five puppies living in one apartment, but no one took proper care of them. Now, Bergheim Animal Shelter wants to do everything possible to lovingly care for our furry friends.

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