May 20, 2024

The adventurous pup’s trip to the Rhine ended at a police station in Mainz. The dog jumped off the cargo ship.

A passerby rescued the freedom-loving dog from the Rhine near the winter port of Mainz yesterday evening and handed it over to the police. The cargo ship’s crew apparently did not notice that their dog had escaped. The ship continued its journey undeterred.

A welcome change for dogs and police

Water police rescued the dog and took it to the police station. Police said the dog was able to warm up there and apparently wasn’t bored. Some colleagues probably wanted to entertain this unusual and playful guest. For the young dog, it was a “welcome change.” I think the same goes for civil servants.

The dog was able to return to the ship after 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, other water police went in search of the ship’s owner, as they could not contact the ship by radio. A police speedboat soon caught up with the cargo ship and the puppy was safely delivered.


Morning landscape in Rhineland-Palatinate - Newsletter photo from SWR Aktuel RLP (Photo: SWR)

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