May 18, 2024

food (ots)

45134 East Stadtwald:

At around 11 a.m. on Friday (April 19), a 70-year-old Essen resident went for a walk in the woods on Eschenstrasse with his dog on a leash. A strange woman came towards him with a black Labrador and a brown bulldog on leashes. The bulldog ran at the 70-year-old man’s dog, pushed him down an embankment, and bit him several times in the leg and stomach. The aggressive animal released the injured dog and ran towards its 70-year-old owner. He was able to keep his four-legged friend away with the help of an umbrella. The unknown owner then left on foot towards Walpurgistal with the two dogs.

The 70-year-old man from Essen rushed the injured animal to a nearby veterinarian. Examination revealed severe injuries and the animal required immediate medical treatment.

A bulldog owner said:

   - Ca. 40 Jahre alt
   - Ca. 1,70 - 1,75 m groß
   - Lange braune Haare
   - Phonetischer Name der Bulldogge: "Vito"

If you can provide information about the owner of the animal you are looking for, please contact Essen Police on 0201/829-0 or by email at /SoKo.

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