May 18, 2024

Delbrück – of Tierheim in Cologne – Delbruck looking for new owner dog paul chen. A sweet fur nose unexpectedly entered the house. Therefore, we urgently need a new home.

Paul the dog is urgently looking for a new owner. ©Screenshot/Instagram/tierheim_dellbrueck

“Elder Paulchen was living a happy and comfortable life with his owner until he had an accident in November and had to go to the hospital,” Delbrück Animal Shelter officials said in a recent Instagram post. did.

Since then, the male dog has been housed in this home and was recently informed that he was unable to return to his original home.

“So it’s time for a new start. This little guy has settled in very well here, gets along well with his mates, and is a really nice guy with no nonsense in his head. ” the keepers continued.

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Although we don’t know his exact age, this terrier mix, estimated to be around 12 years old, is still very healthy and enjoys long walks.


Delbrück Animal Shelter introduces male dog on Instagram

Four-legged friend Paul has health problems

The male is about 12 years old. © Delbrück Animal Shelter

However, this four-legged friend has some health issues. This is because Paul Chen suffers from a chronic intestinal disease. “He had a lot of ups and downs at first, but he is now very used to medication and tolerates special foods well. He should be given this permanently,” the staff at Delbrück’s home continued. .

That’s why animal shelters are looking for kind people to stay with Paul, pamper him, and love him for the rest of his life. “Veterinary care and medication will continue to be delivered through us.”

A ground floor house with a garden is ideal for your little furry friend. If you can’t offer it but think it’s a good fit for you, please contact us.

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You can contact the animal shelter in Cologne Delbrück in the following ways: Emailregarding Inquiry form Home page or by phone 0221684926.

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