May 27, 2024

Italy Pitbull tears toddler from uncle’s arms and bites him to death

Pitbull baring its teeth (symbol image)

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A 15-month-old child was fatally attacked by two pit bulls in Salerno, Italy. The two dogs probably belonged to family friends.

A 15-month-old infant died Monday after being bitten by two pit bulls in southern Italy. An initial reconstruction of the tragic incident said the child was accompanied by his uncle when the attack dog tore him from the man’s arms, Italian media reported, citing the Carabinieri. The mother tried to save the infant from the dog’s clutches, but was unable to do so. She was injured in the process.

Pitbull attack: unharmed old man

The two dogs are said to belong to family friends. According to reports, the family was in the square in front of the two-story house that morning. The pit bulls reportedly ran out of the house and immediately attacked the child. So his uncle was not injured, but his mother was hospitalized with deep bite wounds.

A similar incident occurred in Italy just a few months ago. A jogger was attacked and fatally injured by three Rottweilers while running near Rome. A 39-year-old man died after being bitten by a dog in a park. A passerby later discovered his deformed body.

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