July 12, 2024

Police dogs thoroughly search green spaces in residential areas.
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Dogs are currently being used in Germany to fight this infectious disease. Check out the following articles for upcoming plans:

Police are now using dogs to prevent further spread of the next infectious disease in Germany. Of course, these must be specially trained animals that can recognize and detect the scent of infected creatures. One federal state has been particularly badly affected.

Dogs are said to keep pestilence away

A deadly disease recently broke out among bees, so we had to set up an entire exclusion zone. Unfortunately, the new epidemic in Germany is still no less dangerous, and to fight it we have to rely on the help of special dogs. These dogs have been trained for at least 6 months to be able to formally detect her ASF.

North Rhine-Westphalia already has 14 teams participating to combat further spread of the virus, but more will be added. The CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia has announced that it wants to train seven more plague dogs. This will protect not only North Rhine-Westphalia, but all of Germany. But what exactly is ASF and why do we need dogs?

front nose

Of course, it’s our four-legged friend Supernose that provides the decisive advantage here. For example, humans can smell freshly baked bread, but dogs can also sniff out pieces of dry bread at the edge of a room. But African Swine Fever (ASF for short) is not a bread problem, it’s a domestic and wild pig problem. Germany wants to strengthen its emergency preparedness for the disease, which first emerged in September 2020, with the help of trained dogs. Across the country, outbreaks of ASF occur from time to time. NRW is leading the way and taking precautionary measures.

Dogs fighting against infectious diseases in Germany

ASF is a highly contagious viral disease that affects wild and domestic pigs. Plague can have a disastrous impact on both the pig industry and wild boar populations. A trained dog’s job is to locate sick pigs and carcasses as quickly as possible. This means that infected or contagious animals can be removed quickly and the spread of the disease can be stopped as much as possible.

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