May 18, 2024

For millions of families, life without pets is unimaginable. And who wouldn’t spoil Miezi with a special treat? Researchers were able to demonstrate the positive effects of pets, for example when petting dogs and rabbits. It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

However, the natural needs of our animal friends are sometimes ignored. The line between healthy and supposed love for animals is fluid.

Don’t anthropomorphize animals

Especially for many elderly people and people living alone, a loyal pet can replace a child or become a life partner. Psychologists say there’s nothing wrong with having deep emotional bonds with animals. However, under no circumstances should dogs or cats be humanized. Animals should sleep in baskets, not in beds.

The fun ends when the animal is no longer allowed to be an animal, but becomes an accessory. Also, the line between animal abuse and animal abuse is very thin. Behavioral disorders in animals may be unavoidable.

Species-appropriate food

Dogs and cats are carnivores by nature. Don’t feed your animal only vegetarian or vegan food just because you’re vegan yourself. This can cause deficiency symptoms and illness in dogs and cats, and in extreme cases can even lead to death.

Stuffing your cute fluffy dog ​​with chocolate is also unhealthy. Just because Fifi begs for more doesn’t mean it’s going to be good for him. Dogs generally like to eat, but you need to be careful about what they eat.

Pets are not stuffed animals

If your dog’s fur alone doesn’t seem to be enough for a walk outside, and he’s putting a small jacket over it “to keep warm,” something is wrong. Animals should not be objects of the realization of one’s own fantasies. It’s not a dress-up doll!

Wash it, let it sit, and dry it with a hair dryer

Who doesn’t know about the sometimes questionable “hairstyles” at dog shows, especially those aimed at showing off Royal Poodles? Some had shaved heads, others wore pompoms on their butts, and some had their remaining hair secured with glittery clips and lots of hairspray. I have to wait for hours until it does.

Dyed, teased, twisted with curlers or even flattened with a hot straightening iron, animals endure such “over-care” because they cannot express themselves. They suffer in silence because they are social creatures and accept their master or mistress as the leader of the pack. However, such a procedure is not suitable for the species.

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