May 27, 2024

Potsdam (dpo) – That’s really reassuring! According to the owner, the dog is held tightly in a walker and just wants to play a little bit, but other than that he’s very friendly.

“He doesn’t mean any harm to them,” Mike Nitsche, 35, explained as his mutt dog Fango bit harder and harder on the pedestrian’s arm. “He’s still very young and playful. This is the age where they want to bite everything. Right, Fango? Yes, you’re such a great boy. Yes.”

When a passerby asked with urgency if the dog should be removed from Nitsche’s arms, the dog expert simply replied: If you show fear, it will send a completely wrong signal to the poor animal, I would go to dog school with Fango, but well, you probably won’t be used to it. It’s a dog, right? ”

“Oh! Take your damn thing away from me!” the bleeding passerby replied, and Nitsche angrily put the dog on a leash and gave it treats to calm it down. “Come on, Fango, we don’t need to be called animals! Some people can’t handle dogs. The world is a bad place because of people like that!”

Then, ssi; Photo: Shutterstock; Original publication date: April 3, 2019

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