May 21, 2024


zurich stadelhofen‘He was so scared’: dog on leash causes commotion

A reader’s 20-minute video of a dog on a leash has gone viral on TikTok. Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.

Jan Janssen

A dog was allegedly left behind at Zurich’s Stadelhofen train station on Sunday night.

20 minutes/News Scout

  • A dog was left unattended for an extended period of time at Zurich’s Stadelhofen train station on Sunday night, NewsScout reported.

  • A video of the incident went viral on Tiktok, reaching thousands of people within hours.

  • A police investigation into the incident is ongoing, Zurich police said. In extreme cases, the dog may be confiscated.

‘It’s just a shame’: A dog on a leash causes a commotion at Stadelhofen train station on Sunday evening. News Scout Diego reported that the owner was nowhere to be found. “We had to wait 25 minutes for the train and the dog was sitting there by himself and was scared the whole time. I thought someone had abandoned him.”

Diego was not only worried about the dog, but also about the passersby. “He looked like a dog that would bite if someone scared him, and that could easily have happened in this situation.” That’s why Diego finally called the police.

excitement on social media

But he didn’t just contact authorities. A video of the dog was also posted on the social media channel “szene isch züri.” However, the story goes that the dog was said to have been alone for several hours. That’s what’s coming. Within 16 hours, the video had been viewed 100,000 times on TikTok alone.

Diego cannot explain how the channel came to this conclusion. This story has more impact in the comments. Some people abuse dog owners. It also includes statements that cannot be quoted. One user said, “How can you be so heartless?” Some people sympathized with the dog. Another person commented: “I would take it right away.”

Dogs may be confiscated

But this dog’s fate wasn’t just the internet’s attention. Zurich police also went to Stadelhofen station after receiving Diego’s report. The next day, Stapo contacted Diego and thanked him for his report. “They said they had already received several reports about the dog’s owner and were trying to identify it.”

Zurich Police Media Spokesman Charles Schneider von Wartensee confirmed the operation in this regard upon request. When emergency services arrived, the dog was no longer at the location. Due to the ongoing police investigation into the specific incident, Stapo is unable to provide further information at this time.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to say whether the dog owner is legally responsible in this case. In addition to potential criminal liability, the Veterinary Service may also take action for breaches of animal welfare regulations. In extreme cases, animals may be confiscated.

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