July 12, 2024

A car approached from the direction of the village and two cars from the direction of Humswerk. The 64-year-old man managed to keep one of his dogs on a leash, but the second Chihuahua apparently ended up being hit by an oncoming car. The driver of the first vehicle stopped and stated that the dog had been hit by the second vehicle. The driver continued driving without stopping.

Gemünden police are asking the driver of the first car to appear in court again as a witness. Information is also accepted by phone at 09351/97410.

Gemünden. At around 10:15 pm on Sunday, the 55-year-old driver was traveling on the MSP 11 district road from Kleinwernfeld in the direction of Gemünden. A deer crossed the road and was hit by his car. Game wardens were called to investigate after the apparently injured animal escaped. The ŠKODA vehicle suffered property damage worth approximately 1,000 euros.

At around 8:30 pm on Friday, the 26-year-old driver was driving on State Route 2303 from Scheipach towards Gemünden. After Zolberghaus, a deer crossed the road and was struck and killed by his car. The SEAT vehicle sustained property damage worth approximately 4,000 euros.

caused an oil spill

Gemünden Langenprozerten. Police were alerted to an oil slick on Graben Street at around 6:45pm on Sunday. The oil slick led to a parking lot. The vehicle responsible could not be identified. The Langenprozerten fire department was called to the scene and blocked off the road for diesel vehicles.

For information regarding the vehicle involved, please contact Gemünden Police Station on 09351/97410.

Touching the mirror during an encounter

Gemünden. At around 12:35pm on Sunday, a 55-year-old man in a VW Caddy was driving on the B26 from Wernfeld in the direction of Gemünden. It is presumed that the Caddy’s mirror was damaged when a car drove partially into his lane on the “Zwing” property. The previously unknown person involved in the accident continued to drive without stopping.

16 year old was beaten

Gemünden. At around 7:10pm on Saturday, there was an altercation between three young men in the city centre. Two students, ages 15 and 16, pushed the 16-year-old student to the ground and assaulted him by punching and kicking him. The 16-year-old boy was finally able to escape and alert his mother. The student suffered minor injuries in the incident. He then sought treatment himself.

traffic accident

Gemünden. The traffic accident occurred on Frankfurter Street around 10am on Saturday. The 53-year-old driver initially stopped on the right side of the road. The 43-year-old driver behind him also stopped behind him. The 53-year-old man then backed up and missed the vehicle behind him. The accident resulted in property damage totaling approximately 1,000 euros.

Who misses bicycles?

Gemünden. Last Friday, an unlocked electric bicycle was found on the bike path in the direction of Wernfeld. The bicycle was handed over to the Lost and Found Office in Gemünden.

Press Release Gemünden Police

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