May 21, 2024

Baldor the dog has only been at the Essen Animal Shelter for a month. But the special food he needs is already on the verge of depletion.

Baldor is a Great Dane who has been housed at the Essen Animal Shelter since March 2024. The animal, which weighs around 60 kilograms, is currently looking for a new owner to give it a fresh start. Because it seems like his life hasn’t always been positive.

When Baldor is introduced on the animal shelter’s homepage, it says, “I’m a slightly fearful cat in a Great Dane costume, which means I react anxiously to strangers, strange environments, and unknown dogs.” terrifies me,” it says. .

“I’ve missed a lot in socialization. I seem to be pretty tolerable, even if I get a little rough on a leash. I need people by my side who give me security,” he says. That’s okay,” he further explains.

dogs need special food

Unless this large dog finds a new owner, he will remain a guest at the Essen animal shelter. But it can quickly lead to big problems. That’s because Baldor requires special food and is currently on the verge of depletion, as confirmed by the animal shelter in response to a request from T-Online. Therefore, Great Danes are fed a grain-free diet, otherwise they can develop skin diseases.

“We live on donations, so there may be times when we run out of food,” the animal shelter explains. “When we appeal, we usually get a lot of donations,” but they are hopeful.

Animal shelters welcome donations

In fact, this isn’t the first time the facility has asked for food donations for the animals. A request for help for Harry, a dog who also needs grain-free food, was made on Facebook in early April. As a result, the animal shelter received some donations.

Great Dane Baldor wants it now and hasn’t given up hope for a loving home yet. “So, do you have experience with Great Danes, live on the ground floor, and are not afraid of a little drool? Then please contact us right away,” it calls out at the end of the animal presentation.

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