May 27, 2024

Bitter tears at the Bochum animal shelter over the weekend (April 13th and 14th). Thirteen years after he adopted the dog, he found a piece of mail in the mailbox of the Animal Protection Society on Kleinherbederstrasse in Bochum.

It was a farewell letter written from the perspective of a four-legged friend who had been adopted at the time. “I was moved to tears,” the animal shelter posted on Facebook.

Bochum animal shelter overwhelmed

“We love reading books from our alumni and hearing from them when they visit us.” The team at Bochum Animal Shelter says, “It’s a huge benefit to our animal keepers.” and gives insight into their spiritual lives. Although some of the letters were sad, it’s always encouraging to see animals go on to live fulfilling lives after staying at an animal shelter.

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This was the case for Finja, who was about 6 years old in 2011. There, your dog should once again be able to enjoy a very personal dog bowl, dog basket, and lots of love. And for quite some time. Because the female Australian Cattle Dog was supposed to be a proud 19-year-old.

Dog euthanized after suffering

However, the situation has worsened recently. As the letter indicates, medical care is no longer cooperative. A seriously ill dog was recently treated with medication. To avoid unnecessary suffering, veterinarians decided to euthanize Finja. The dog slept peacefully in the arms of his beloved.

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These words not only give goosebumps to the keepers at the Bochum animal shelter, but they are also inspiring. “So sad,” one dog lover wrote on Facebook, praising the owners for not leaving their beloved dogs alone on their final journey. “That’s very important. I pray for your family and for your safe crossing of the Rainbow Bridge.”

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