May 18, 2024

Some dogs are better suited to protect their owners and protect their own homes. Introducing the 6 best guard dogs.

What characteristics do guard dogs have?

Guard dogs exhibit strong protective instincts. They have particularly good hearing and a keen sense of smell. Therefore, these dogs can detect thieves even before they enter the house. If you bark persistently and loudly, the criminal will become frightened and will quickly run away.

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However, it is better to have a guard dog. Not only his great skills. Because these four-legged friends need to be kept for themselves, since in the long run they are more expensive than an alarm system. Guard dogs have always been bred to protect bipeds and herd sheep, so they also require human contact. Moreover, good upbringing is a prerequisite.

What should I consider before purchasing a guard dog?

If you are looking for a guard dog, you should especially pay attention to large dog breeds. Small dogs are also suitable as guard dogs in some situations, but they are not as strong a deterrent. Look for a furry friend who behaves confidently and attentively and shows territoriality.

Also, be clear in advance what you expect from the animal. Certain guard dogs, such as livestock guard dogs, have minds of their own and are only suitable for experienced owners. knows how to deal with independent personalities. Additionally, keep in mind that guard dogs, like protection dogs, also undergo special training. If the dog is over 3 years old, it can eventually be used as a guard dog.


I’m a boxer fearless, courageous and confident. In the event of an emergency, a loyal family dog ​​will protect the clan to the death. This makes them one of the bravest guard dogs, and their playful nature makes them ideal for families with children.

Active and energetic, Boxers are considered reliable guard dogs. (© Pixabay / Digital_Punks)

german shepherd dog

German Shepherds are one of the most famous police and rescue dogs. Because they have a strong desire to learn and do not leave their owner’s side, they are obedient in their private lives as well. He makes an impressive guard dog, especially because of his confident demeanor and his formidable appearance.

german shepherdgerman shepherd
Compassionate German Shepherds are reliable guardians. (© Pixabay / Ralphs_Fotos)

doberman pinscher

What Doberman Pinscher Gives with his temperament and intelligence They make very good watchdogs. This wary four-legged friend can be very stubborn, but his friendly nature makes him good friends with children. Sometimes he can be so territorial that he develops unusual protective instincts that can overwhelm inexperienced owners. Dobermans get nervous if they are not mentally and physically busy. This is also why they require experienced owners who are ready to invest a lot of time and love.

Dobermans are especially confident as guard dogs. (© Pixabay / Alexas_Fotos)

Video games for dogs? You can see how it works in the video.

Dog playing video games with Joipaw

Dog playing video games with Joipaw


What is Hofwald? very intelligent. He is a quick learner and knows how to reliably protect his family from intruders. The only weakness is that Hofferwald can sometimes rely too much on his size.

Hoffawat’s distinguishing feature is its intelligence. (© Pixabay / Bilgul)


Rottweiler is a working dog with her loyal nature Create your ideal guard dog. They love to be challenged and respond to stimulation early on. Despite this, Rottweilers have strong nerves that allow them to remain resilient even in stressful situations. They are very suspicious of strangers and take a long time to trust their owners.

Rottweilers are considered by many to be the best guard dogs. (©pixabay/825545)

swiss mountain dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Guard Like a strong big fur nose I like being in the owner’s home. This breed is generally very loyal and affectionate, so they have strong protective instincts. Because the Swiss Mountain Dog is undisturbed, families value him not only for his watchdog qualities, but also as a loving playmate for children.

swiss mountain dogswiss mountain dog
The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a formidable personality and makes an excellent guard dog. (© pixabay/uppfeldt)

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