May 27, 2024

Katie has lived in London for many years with her dog Rubin. The two are an inseparable pair. Until that day when a sad event separates them forever. The dog died completely unexpectedly because it ate something that many of us keep in our cupboards. Let’s talk about sugar substitutes that are often used in diet products.why xylitol for dogs Here’s how dangerous it is.

Diet brownies with xylitol can be deadly for dogs

Actually, Katie just wanted to bake brownies. Of course, it was clear to the young woman that chocolate was toxic to dogs. So she was especially careful not to get into her dog Ruby’s paws when baking.

But what Katie didn’t think about was that she was avoiding sugar and baking to lose weight. I used the sweetener xylitol instead. This substance turned out to be deadly for both, as it is also dangerous for dogs.

Ruby lost the battle of life and death.

While Katie wasn’t looking, Ruby the dog grabbed two brownies and ate them whole. Katie did not realize what had happened until it was already too late. A few hours later, Ruby was like this. Very nauseous, she was vomiting and appeared lethargic. This is a typical reaction to the sweetener xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs.

Katie rushes to the vet’s office, but it’s too late to save her four-legged friend. Within seconds her condition worsened, leaving only her ruby. fighting to survive. A battle that brave dogs unfortunately lose. Katie and her family are shocked and devastated.

Katie revealed her tragic fate in October 2018.She thinks it’s important to meet other dog owners Informing people about the dangers of xylitolwritten in a magazine we.

Why is birch sugar so dangerous?

This is xylitol, also known as xylitol or birch sugar (E967). sugar alcohol made from tree bark fibers. Usually birch wood is used for this. With about 50% fewer calories, this substance is a popular sugar replacement in cooking and baking.

Insulin levels are not affected, so sweeteners are harmless to us humans. However, in the case of dogs, Increased insulin secretionit causes them hypoglycemia within minutes teeth. A life-threatening condition called hypoglycemia.

Fact check: If a dog ingests xylitol, as little as 0.1g/kg of body weight can cause toxicity. The lethal dose is thought to be 3 to 4 grams.

Xylitol poisoning in dogs: typical symptoms

To recognize xylitol poisoning in dogs early, you should: most common symptoms know. Also:

  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • seizures and tremors
  • Attacks of weakness and circulatory disorders
  • decrease in happiness
  • balance problem
  • Jaundice (yellowing of mucous membranes)
  • liver failure
  • coma

In the worst case scenario, xylitol poisoning can be fatal, as was the case with Ruby in dogs.If you notice any of the above signs, bring your pet along Please take your pet to the nearest veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

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Protect your dog from xylitol

Obviously it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, it’s best to keep an eye on your dog at all times, especially when baking or cooking, and keep your dog away from the ingredients. This is especially true for foods such as: Sugar-free sweets, pastries, or homeopathic medicines. Only give your dog treats that are safe for animals.

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