May 21, 2024

cologne – animal care Cologne – Delbruck Saturday night (April 20th) was very busy promoting the cute problem child! Who is interested in Terrier Jack?

Can these beady eyes really muddy the waters? © Image montage: Instagram/tierheim_dellbrueck (screenshot)

In reality, the “cute floppy-eared red-haired wizard” had already welcomed a new member into his family, but unfortunately his “vivacious temperament” put a damper on his plans. Ta.

The Cologne Animal Shelter reported this on Instagram.

So, when Button Eye returns from placement, “He let me at first because he also works as a calf biting dog, but now he’s at his limit and I let him run away.” I did.

Urgent call to animal shelter: looking for new homes for two four-legged friends

Now Jack is waiting for a second chance behind the gates of the Cologne Animal Shelter.

But despite his cute appearance, Jack is not a dog for everyone, animal rights groups say. He is a typical terrier. He is very active and excited and always has a motto. He’s not just there, he’s in the middle of it.

Young children’s demands on their new loved one are correspondingly high. “We need animal lovers and enthusiasts who like to be physically active in the fresh air, mentally fit and team up with them,” say the animal rescuers.

And despite all the challenges posed by the little whirlwind, one thing is clear for animal shelters. “He’s such a great guy!”

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