May 18, 2024

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A kitten lost at a construction site was rescued by a foster dog whose mother, Eve Vawter, documented on social media how the kitten’s rescue turned out to be the happiest moment ever.

“Our dog has adopted a kitten of his own,” Eve Vawter of Louisville, USA, wrote in a video posted on her blog. tick tockChannel @meatballthemainec has been uploaded. But how did this black four-legged friend get his hands on the tiny kitten that’s lovingly licking his head in the video?

The touching story of this unlikely duo began in August 2022 when the family’s mother, Eve, learned about a baby kitten that her daughter’s boyfriend had found with his father at a construction site. . Father and son searched the area for the kitten’s mother, but when she couldn’t find her, they decided to rescue the kitten and take her. Even several days after the kittens were found, the mother cat was not found near the construction site.’s new WhatsApp channel is here!

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Family adopts kitten after mother cat cannot be found

“As the days passed and the mother cat was not found, I was asked if I was interested in taking care of the baby, but the baby was still too young to be taken away from the mother,” Vawter said, according to the news portal. Ta. tag 24 At The Vawter family immediately agreed to adopt the helpless kitten. The only concern is how the dog will react to the new family member. “We were worried that the slightly agitated Pomeranian might chase the kitten, or worse, try to attack it,” Mama Bauter told

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It became clear from the first meeting between the kitten and the Pomeranian that their fears were completely unfounded. “It was basically love at first sight. It was almost ridiculous,” Eve Vawter revealed. “He followed her everywhere. He slept right next to her. When one of us came to pick her up, he got anxious and upset.” The Pomeranian was a new roommate never left his side: “It was his kitten.” A TikTok shows a dog lovingly welcoming a newborn kitten with an emotional frown.

Initially, the plan was to simply adopt the baby cat for care, but it soon became clear that the Pomeranian could not be separated from his new friend. Over the years, the deep love between the two grew even stronger, Bauter said. “They run around the house, chase each other, nap together, take care of each other, and clean.”

The multi-pet owner shares heartfelt insights about her deep friendship with a Pomeranian and a tricolor cat on her Instagram account. Her dog is “taking pictures of her while she’s sleeping so she’s mad,” @evevawter wrote about a particularly cute photo of the two. The friendship between a kitten and a dog is also heartwarming.

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