May 20, 2024

… 3. There are no current-carrying devices or devices emitting electrical impulses that the dog can come into contact with at a height that an upright dog can reach with its paws. ”

The Veterinary Authority will read out the basic requirement that kennels have floor-to-ceiling windows and will use this as the legal basis for its action on April 18, 2024.

But there are also reasons to doubt. Did the federal Department of Food and Agriculture, which is in charge of regulation, really have dogs in animal shelters in mind? According to the text, the regulation should only apply to the keeping of dogs in rooms or room units not intended for human use. This exception does not only apply to keeping a dog in an apartment, it is not explicitly stated as a “residential tick” and only applies to “persons staying”. The explanation for the Animal Protection Dog Ordinance states, “Whether a room is not used for human accommodation depends on the purpose of the person in physical control of the room.” The animal shelter itself decides this.

The dog parlors at the Brandenburg Animal Shelter, by the way, are all equipped with regular windows, so that the dogs do not sit in the dark, but are used to allow people – caregivers and volunteers – to do their valuable work. It has been. Dogs are full time. Animal shelter managers sometimes have offices next to damaged kennels.

Tighter regulations target owners who never let their dogs outside, or, worst of all, keep them forever peddling as birthing machines in basements or sheds, as is unfortunately all too common (keyword: “dog hell”) It is clear that this is the case. Only put food and water down if things go well. Otherwise don’t worry. These poor out-of-contact creatures need at least a clear view of the scenery outside the window. But at the Brandenburg Animal Shelter? Caregivers often stay with dogs for hours and even weekends, caring for them, monitoring their health, exercising them daily, walking them, cuddling them, and training them. Have you ever? Veterinary offices, for whatever reason, seem to be way above the mark.

René Vogel

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