July 12, 2024

rib butt. Dark Pieno and bright Raiko live together. They live together in a beautiful home, said Sabine Herter, director of the Libbesbüttel Animal Care Center. But then fate happened and the owner had to let go of the two males due to health reasons. Currently, 13-year-old Raiko and 14-year-old Pieno are, according to Sabine Herter, “waiting in Libbesbüttel for good people who would like to offer them a house or an apartment with a garden, a warm place and hearty meals. “I am” of love. ”

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they just belong together

“They are frugal and only want to sleep, eat and go for short walks,” says the center’s director. She got to know the duo well. Eventually, on March 25th, the two were moved to an animal rescue center in Libbesbüttel. According to Sabine Herter, since then they have shown themselves to be absolutely friendly to everyone. The center manager now hopes that the two old men will remain separated even when they are 13 and 14 years old. “They just hang out together,” she says. Perhaps a person placed in a family will be able to cope with separation. “But for the other person who has to stay in the center, it would be a disaster.”

Because of this, she would have placed them together in a nursing home and perhaps even looked for a sponsor to cover some of the costs. Because, as she says, animal shelters are not in a good position to fund such long-term foster homes. And although Raiko and Pieno are a little older, they can still take short walks, said Sabine Herter. “They might even put on a little bit of muscle again.” She describes the two Labradors as “very frugal.” And the center director feels the idea of ​​them having to remain in an animal shelter until the end of their lives is “absolutely awful”. Therefore, she hopes these canine grandpas will have a good home for the rest of their lives, “no matter how short or long their lives may be.” Interested parties can obtain further information by calling the Ribbesbüttel Animal Rescue Center on (0 53 74) 44 34 or by email at info@tierschutzgifhorn.de.

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Peiner Tierschutz is looking for a new home for Auggie

Peine’s animal shelter is also urgently looking for a new owner for the dog. Auggie, a young male, came to the animal shelter as a found dog. He was born on April 1, 2022, and is an Old English Bulldog mix, according to animal rights activists. Animal rights activists are looking for experienced people to care for the male dog, as Auggie has some “peculiarities” and still lacks some basic obedience. “Leash walking, for example, should still be practiced,” animal rights activists advise. For more information about Oggy, please visit info@tierheim-peine.de.


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