May 27, 2024

After a 10-year hiatus, dogs will be counted again in Barcels in the coming months. If you haven’t registered your four-legged friend yet, you should do so now because a retired village sheriff is driving around town.

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barcel – This is a must for all dog owners. Domestic dogs must be registered with the local government. However, not all citizens are so exemplary and behave in this way, as registration is expensive. For example, you have to pay 40 euros per year for your first dog. Currently, there are 1,363 dogs registered in the Barcel community, but the administration is confident that there are many more registered. That’s why dogs should now also be counted in campaigns.

Online registration

“With the Barcel Census, we want to encourage all dog owners to register their dogs,” said Mayor Nils Anhuth. Your four-legged friend can register in person at the city hall or easily from home using the form online at The amount of dog tax is as follows: 90 euros for a second dog, 120 euros for each additional dog and 400 euros per year for dangerous dogs. But what is a dangerous dog? Ronnie Hentschel of the Treasury Department of Real Estate knows this. “Dangerous dogs are classified by behavior such as biting, or simply by specific breeds, such as Staffordshire bull terriers and pit bull terriers.” “When you register online, you Owners can choose the breed directly. Anyone adopting a new dog must notify the community within 14 days,” Henschel continued.

But of course there are also many “black sheep”. Ten years after successfully counting dogs in 2014, the same “secret weapon” is said to be on the streets again: former police officer Karl Deters. He is a passionate dog owner and knows every nook and cranny of the Barßel ​​community. “For the next four months, I’m going to drive around the city and see where I see dogs in yards and hear dogs barking,” Dieters told the editorial team in an interview. Then use your phone to check the list and see if the person who lives there has registered the dog. “But I don’t give out parking tickets or anything like that. I kindly remind owners that their dogs need to be registered,” Dieters continued. For him, it’s just a sense of justice. “But there are no investigation teams on the streets,” Anhus added.

65,000 euros per year

The city collects about 65,000 euros a year from dog taxes. “Right now, it’s not that big of a line item in our budget,” says the mayor. “But through this campaign we mainly want to draw attention to the problem of lack of registration.” At the same time, you are required to carry dog ​​liability insurance and provide a tip for your animal. By the way, if you adopt a dog from an animal shelter, the tax is exempt for the first two years.

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