May 27, 2024

skip. It is not clear whether the dog bit the cyclist or “simply” scratched him with his paw. However, severe abrasions on the skin were clearly visible under the woman’s clothes.

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the dog was on a leash

The incident occurred at around 12:45 pm on Saturday, April 20, on Erdagsner Street, near the old hospital. Police said the 55-year-old jumper was injured when he was jumped on his bicycle by a dog on a leash.

The man who was holding the dog on a leash ripped it off and fled with the animal towards Springe. The man riding the bicycle was shocked and called the police.

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Police investigating dangerous personal injury

All we know so far about this dog is that it was noticeably large and gray. Police believe the owner was not supervising the animal. There she began her criminal proceedings on charges of manslaughter. Authorities are counting on witnesses to help clarify any unanswered questions and identify the owner. Contact: 05041/7708115.


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