May 27, 2024

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It will cost even more in the future: the Hilgartshausen-Tandern local council has decided to increase the dog tax by 20 percent.
In the future, the costs will be even higher: the local council of Heimhausen has decided to significantly increase the dog tax. © dpa

In the future, Heimhausen dog owners will pay an annual dog tax of 100 euros instead of 60 euros. More than anywhere else in the district.

Heimhausen – The dog tax increase (reported by us) in the Heimhausen community is now official. The local council decided on a significant increase at its most recent meeting, passing an ordinance retroactive to January 1st. However, the final decision was not made quietly.

The local council ultimately followed its own finance committee’s recommendation to increase tax on dogs from €60 to €100 a year, without reducing the burden on other animals. The €1,000 fee for fighting dogs should be understood as a message that we do not want such breeds left in the community.

One of the four votes against the increase was from Ergun Dost (Citizen Voice). He argued that the tax increase was less than the amount spent on dogs in the community. Mayor Peter Felbermeyer (CSU) agreed with him, saying: “If you compare the revenue and public spending on dogs, the cost to dog owners will be even higher.”

Criticism even in local councils

Next, Dost specifically criticized the fact that Heimhausen’s dog tax increase was significantly higher than dog tax increases in neighboring regions. For Felbermeyer, this is just a snapshot, “other companies will follow suit.” Mr. Dost reacted mockingly, saying, “At this rate, there will soon be a cat tax here as well.However, it is legally impossible to impose such a tax, so cat owners… I’m on the safe side.”

There was also clear criticism from Christian Stangl (FDP), who rejected the idea of ​​raising the dog tax, saying: “I think raising it from 60 euros to 100 euros is outrageous.” Claudia Cops (CSU) countered that the dog tax had not been addressed in recent years. on the contrary! The city has installed numerous dog waste bag dispensers in public spaces, and construction yards are busy picking up the distinctively colored bags that are often thrown carelessly into the landscape.

(Incidentally, all information about the region is now also available in the regular Dachau newsletter.)

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