May 18, 2024

The dog’s fate in North Rhine-Westphalia left even experienced animal shelter workers speechless.

For a long time, Struppi, a male dog, wore an imaginary shield around his neck that read “Beware of Biting,” scaring those around him. After the alleged bite, he was taken to an animal shelter with all his belongings and was considered a problem dog for months. But he also has two sides to this story. Because the actions of those who had previously protected him were probably not completely innocent of his appearance.

Dogs of North Rhine-Westphalia: Fate brings tears

This dog seems to have fallen into the wrong hands many times. “Struppi was auctioned off four times on eBay and finally sold for 1 euro,” says a report by the WDR program “Animals Looking for Homes”. Although he still sometimes reacts aggressively to strangers, there is a woman who took on the dog’s fate and rescued Struppi from an animal shelter.

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Maggie took the time to train the male dog. When she finally retired, she decided to welcome the dog into her home and give her a new chance. The story of her 1 euro dog online who was able to find a forever home at the end of the day touched animal rescuers so much that they immediately shared his story online.

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“Today, Maggie and Snowy are inseparable. He found a home with her, although it wasn’t easy,” Moers Animal Shelter wrote online, inspiring other animal lovers. It made me cry. “Such a great story,” one user wrote in the comments. “It opens my mind.” “Maggie believed in this man and at the same time accepted him into her heart. (…) Just amazing,” said another site.

The animal shelter staff probably didn’t expect such a happy ending when the dog arrived in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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