May 21, 2024

California (USA) – The discovery distressed even the most experienced animal rescuers.

He was shaking, too thin, and covered in blood. That’s how Suzette Hall found her little lost child. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

As Suzette Hall reported on her Facebook account this Saturday, she picked up the last disciple from the street in a really bad condition.

“This poor baby has been lying in an empty parking lot for over a week,” she explained in the post.

The dog had been repeatedly fed by passersby. However, the animal could barely stand on its own two legs. And when Hall recently made it her personal mission to help him, she realized why.

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An American woman found a stray dog ​​covered in bite wounds.

“This poor baby was so scared,” she continued.

Hall knew she had to save her four-legged friend at all costs. So she gathered two friends and asked for help.

“We tracked him down carefully,” Hall explained. The dog was shaking all the time. “I spoke to him gently and finally took off his collar. Then we put him in my cage.”

The four-legged friend was horrified when Suzette Hall spotted him. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

Hall then took him to a safe location. When she finally freed him from the trap, she just hugged him tightly. She realized too late that her own top was stained with the blood of her frightened furry friend.

But Hall didn’t care. The most important thing to her at that point was that the dog was finally safe and receiving the best care from a veterinarian she trusted.

“This sweet boy I named Barney is safe,” she continued, addressing the last words of her post to her brave protégé himself. “It was an honor to have your blood on my shirt. You, you are finally saved. You won the battle.” ”

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Unfortunately, Ms. Hall doesn’t know exactly what happened to her abandoned four-legged friend. She is now hoping for donations from the community to cover vet costs before she begins searching for a forever basket for Bernie.

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