May 27, 2024

Nienburg. The investigation continues after police shot and killed Ramin T. Kazamstark on Friedrichstra├če in Nienburg. Police and the Verden Public Prosecutor’s Office are investigating why the police crackdown that morning on Friedrichstrasse escalated to the point where Ramit T., from Nienburg, was shot and killed by eight bullets. A police officer and a police dog were also injured during the operation. The police officer has not yet returned to duty.

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A female police officer was injured by a bullet from a police weapon during the operation. Her bullet struck the officer in the thigh, police said. It is unclear why she was hit. After her surgery, the officer was taken to the hospital by rescue helicopter. Immediately after the crime, the 45-year-old’s life remained in danger.

Female police officer discharged

The officer has now been released from the hospital again, said Fenja Land, a spokeswoman for the Velden/Osterholz police station, which is investigating the incident. “Due to ongoing healing from her injuries, she is currently not working,” the spokesperson said.

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A police dog was also injured during the operation. Ramin T. allegedly attacked him with a knife. The dog suffered puncture wounds, said Colai Freudenberg, senior public prosecutor at the Velden public prosecutor’s office. The dog was treated at a local veterinary clinic after the attack.

“The injured service dog is recovering at home. He is currently not at work. He will be able to resume his duties as soon as he is fully healthy,” Fenja Rand said regarding the animal’s current health status. talked about.

It is not yet clear how many shots were fired in total and how many officers fired. Koray Freudenberg said the investigation is ongoing. There was no further information about the incident Friday.

This week, Felden investigators searched the crime scene again for clues. It seems to be used for ammunition casings as well. It is clear that Ramin T was hit by eight bullets. The two bullets struck the Gambian in the heart and liver, a fatal wound in itself. A bullet hit a female police officer.


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