May 18, 2024

munich – Franziska and her dog Disco are truly partners in crime. VOX accompanied the special duo in the documentary “Bunte Hunde”.

Franziska, 28, and her service dog Disco, 6, have been working together for five years. © RTL / DOCMA TV

Disco is a trained search dog that specializes in drugs and banknotes. On paper, the six-and-a-half-year-old Belgian shepherd belongs to the Free State of Bavaria, but in reality, Franziska, 28, a police officer, is her only caregiver. The two are a team that has been practicing well for five years.

In the Old Botanical Garden, a famous drug dealing center in Munich, Disco goes searching. He was lying on the ground and found a small bag. “Unfortunately, it is already empty,” says Franziska.

Franziska hides the drugs in a “confirmation case” for the dogs so they can feel successful after the search. Munich police dogs are trained using “real materials” obtained from completed procedures. Disco draws his attention to his discovery by a so-called “passive display” and freezes in front of the package until Franziska gives him the signal to remove it.

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Previously, dogs were usually “active”, barking and biting anything they found. However, if an animal ingests the drug itself, there can be serious consequences. Additionally, service dog handlers explain that snuff teeth can cause major damage during apartment searches.


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Dream Team: Disco and Franziska also spend their free time together. © RTL / DOCMA TV

Disco not only has an excellent nose, but also obeys every word. This is especially important when working as a protection dog. This is because if a person is “posed”, that is, consciously attacked, he has to let go again on command. The two practice this over and over again, with the help of colleagues in protective gear.

In addition to the seriousness of daily life, fun and games are also important for service dogs. Therefore, the two always spend time together, not only at work but also on holidays.

At Canicross, dogs and owners can train together and forget about everyday police life. Disco is simply “the family dog,” explains Franziska, who fulfilled her childhood dream by becoming a dog trainer.

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However, due to the nature of the work, limitations are unavoidable. For example, Disco is a rescue dog and cannot just be cared for by friends, so long-distance travel is not an option. During their 30 vacation days a year, they travel in a motorhome.

Despite everything, the female police officer can no longer imagine life without a four-legged inspector.

Viewers can watch them and other exciting human-canine relationships in full on Saturdays at 7:10pm on VOX or TV. Stream with RTL+.

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