May 27, 2024

Shakira is the name of the newest addition to the Schwedt Animal Shelter. This dog is a Dalmatian mix looking for his forever home. Inheritance must end.

Shakira was born in Spain in 2017. She came to Germany when she was still a puppy. Her owners separated her from the animals in hopes that she would find a new loving home when a new family joined her. However, people there seemed overwhelmed about owning a dog.

“She is a wonderful dog with very few faults,” explains Jasmine Rohde. “Shakira loves walks and can easily walk on a leash. She also copes with being alone and enjoys going for drives and being in the water.” He has learned commands and is willing to learn,” Rohde says of the animal in the short time she has known him. However, animal shelter officials do not hide the fact that they have a certain hunting instinct. In addition, it is important that in her new home she is the only animal resident. Cats and other dogs should not live there.

Poor dog Fite – was the emaciated mongrel abandoned?

Poor dog Fite – Was the haggard mongrel abandoned?

Shakira has been vaccinated, chipped, dewormed, de-meatted, and neutered. Anyone looking to provide a loving and stable environment can contact the animal shelter today.

Please contact Schwedt Animal Shelter on 03332 52393.

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