May 21, 2024

East ring – As a woman who lived with her in Odenheim, Karlsruhe dog When she went for a walk, she didn’t know what would happen immediately afterwards.

A walk came to a tragic end for a dog in the Karlsruhe area. (Iconic image) © Picture Alliance/dpa

This disturbing incident occurred yesterday Friday evening in the Lourdes cave area in Odenheim, Baden.

Police said this Saturday that the male Goldendoodle licked an unknown substance on the floor, causing a choking attack and vomiting, which led to his death shortly after.

The dog’s owner noticed a meat-like substance in the dog’s mouth and in a pasture area where it had previously eaten and secured it.

police report
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The Department of Commerce and Environment has launched an investigation into violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Karlsruhe police have issued a clear warning to all dog owners in the area not to lose sight of their dogs while walking.

If a dog licks something on the floor, the owner should intervene immediately to avoid the risk of the dog suffering the same fate as in the case above. Be especially careful as poisonous baits may contain sharp objects. If your dog ingests food or similar items, it is best to keep an eye on them and take them to a veterinarian immediately as a precaution.

If you find any other possible poisonous baits in the area, please contact the Karlsruhe Bad Schönborn Police Station telephone number. 07253/8026-0 To contact you.

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