May 27, 2024

Erfurt’s animal shelter needs your help.

An abandoned dog was found at the Thuringen Park Shopping Center (Erfurt). Read more about the fate of this sad animal here.

Erfurt: Dog abandoned in a bucket

It is difficult to imagine what happened in Erfurt. Someone has found a dog that appears to have been abandoned in a bucket at the popular Thuringen Park shopping center. He was in a devastated state. “He weighs just over 2 kg, is dehydrated, starved, and has health issues,” SWE Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook.

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At least our four-legged friends were chipped and registered. This reveals that his name is Gino and he was born in 2010. Finding the previous owner is not so easy. Animal rights groups suspect that Gino may have since passed on to another owner.

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Gino is currently being cared for at an animal shelter. He has a few more tests left. Could you please provide information about Gino’s owner? If this happens, please contact SWE Animal Shelter immediately.

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