May 18, 2024

Several dogs live and are permanently stationed at the Eisenhüttenstadt animal shelter on Oderlandstrasse. For example, scary dogs like Professor, Rolf, Artur, Blush, Borek, or the very unlucky dogs like Uschel, Rocky, and Cassi.

The female dog Monkey and the male dog Babel are certainly not among them. The two six-month-old mutts are the last remaining from a transport of eight people who arrived from Bulgaria just a few weeks ago and have yet to be deployed.

Babbel and Monky still have a lot of room for development

It is also hoped that the black-and-white-spotted Babel and the nearly white monkey will soon find new homes. After all, at six months of age, they are still capable of development, have no special requirements, and, above all, are healthy, according to the animal shelter’s manager, Ute Valentin.

Kassi returns to the animal shelter – the search for happiness began with Edeka

Eisenhüttenstadt dog

Kassi returns to the animal shelter – the search for happiness began with Edeka

Since they regularly arrive from abroad, they are spayed, vaccinated, chipped, and have already been treated for tick infestation in Germany.

Both are still relatively reserved around strangers at the animal shelter. “If you sit there, after a while they start running,” Ute-Valentin said, noting that both animals seek contact with people.

Perfect as a family dog

Of course, I still need to practice a lot with them. As such, they are not yet walked on a leash inside an animal shelter. So Ute Valentin doesn’t know if they are already on a leash. But experience has shown that most of the four-legged friends adopted by bars come from the streets and have not yet learned how to walk dogs in a civilized way.

Owner leaves beloved dog Rocky at boarding house

Eisenhüttenstadt Animal Shelter

Owner leaves beloved dog Rocky at boarding house

According to Ute Valentin, both breeds are suitable as family dogs due to their temperaments and get along well with children. Either way, you’ll need to invest some time in it to enjoy it for years to come.

You can also personally adopt a dog from an animal shelter.

Private instruction is also available for both. The current name is also not required for the new owner. “Bulgarian and Romanian dogs often have very strange names. It is important that the dog’s passport has a name and that the animal can be assigned to the passport,” says Ute Valentin. explain.

“Some people who get dogs from us give their owners new names. Even in animal shelters, it is not assumed that these dogs will necessarily respond to the names Babel or Monkey. did.”

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