May 18, 2024

Anyone buying a dog must first consider all circumstances. This includes traveling, in which case you obviously have to bring your fur nose with you. But the couple from Wolfsburg apparently saw things differently. When I moved out of my apartment in the Fallersleben area a few days ago, I cruelly left my pet behind.

Neighbors noticed the owners were moving out, but assumed they would take the dog with them as well. When the couple finally disappeared, loud barking and yelling could be heard coming from the abandoned apartment. Residents have known this for some time.

Couple leaves dog in apartment

The couple had previously repeatedly left their dog alone for long periods of time. My dog ​​was young (6-9 months old) and always barked to draw attention to me. But so far, the owners always come back. But now things were different. A neighbor called the police after the furry friend’s whining didn’t stop after three days, RTL reports.

Officers entered the apartment with the help of a locksmith and discovered the young dog in distress. The officers couldn’t find any food or water in the room, and their young four-legged friend was completely alone and didn’t seem to understand the world. Emergency crews quickly sprang into action and took the furry friend away.

Young furry friends fought to survive

It is difficult to later verify whether the couple actually left food and water for the animals when they moved. Your four-legged friend may have already emptied the bowl. Nevertheless, he had to stay in the apartment for at least three days alone, without any care, and in a state of panic. After officers seized him, they handed him over to guardians at a nearby animal shelter.

A dog sticking out its tongue.
Photo: THOLEN (symbol photo)

There, the employees discovered that the furry friend was already completely starved and dehydrated. Even though he drank several glasses of water, he was still thirsty. This heartless couple is currently under investigation. Police are charging the owners with violating animal protection laws. We hope that the young dog can recover from the bad experience and start a better life soon.

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