May 18, 2024

Offenbach – Bingo, a 2 1/2 year old male, is a violent man with bad manners. At Offenbach Animal Shelter, we are confident that this dog will make a great home in an experienced canine home. dog You can mature.

Because of their unusual behavior, Staffordshire Terrier mixes can only be owned by people with some experience with dogs. © Animal Welfare Association Offenbach eV

But first, let’s talk about the current situation as described by employees on the animal shelter’s website.

Therefore, Bingo is both very aloof and very confident, which may be an unfavorable combination given his current lack of training.

When playing, he sometimes gets so excited that he bumps into the caregiver roughly and has difficulty calming down again. The animal shelter says he doesn’t tolerate boundaries or rules and tends to get very angry when he doesn’t get his way.

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Staffordshire Terrier mixes also exhibit strong prey behavior and tend to hunt just about anything. This definitely needs to lead in the right direction for future people.


Bingo requires a lot of patience and good nerves

Bingo is actually a very nice guy, but training him still requires a lot of patience and courage. © Animal Welfare Association Offenbach eV

The animal shelter had no intention of adopting him as a second dog because he never got along well with other members of his species. It is also not suitable for families with small children or those new to dog training.

The animal rescue organization’s website emphasizes that in the case of Bingo, male dogs “require a great deal of patience and good nerves to guide them on the right path with love and consistency.”

It’s also important to know that Bingo, a Staffordshire Terrier mix, is one of the dogs on the list and there are certain requirements to owning him, such as a temperament test and increased dog tax. is.

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This is handled differently in each federal state. The dog will not be transferred to Bavaria, Berlin or Hamburg.

If you would like to adopt Bingo, please call the Offenbach Animal Shelter phone number. 069/858179 or by email I will contact you.

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