May 18, 2024

Berlin – at the shelter Berlin Beto, a sweet bulldog mix, lives here. But his dog’s life so far hasn’t been a walk in the park.

Beto (8) is a bulldog mix. © Animal Shelter Berlin (image montage)

The 8-year-old was taken to an animal shelter three years ago after he was reportedly bitten in his previous environment.

Zoo keepers report that the obedient dog has now made progress, including making sure to wear a muzzle.

Beto can be easily motivated with food. This will make training with him much easier. Hybrids guard food and other valuable resources, so care must be taken when hand-feeding them.

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His new owners should be aware that they cannot take away Beto’s bowls or toys without warning. Keepers say the dog, which has a troubled past, must be fed in a relaxed and calm manner.

Animal shelter staff will advise you on what steps to take to live conflict-free with your bulldog mix.He doesn’t like his fellow dogs or other dogs animal And children should not live in his future home.


Beto is definitely wearing a muzzle. © Berlin Animal Shelter

Berlin Animal Shelter: Who will give Beto the dog a chance?

The friendly dog ​​is waiting for an experienced person to adopt him. © Animal Shelter Berlin (image montage)

This cute four-legged friend loves to nap next to its caregiver and prefers a shady spot in the garden.

Due to the snout caused by torture, the beet has difficulty breathing in high temperatures and under stress.

The skin is also very sensitive, so Beto must go to the vet regularly. Caretakers say the poor dog is a very brave and cooperative patient.

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Due to his special needs, Beto is looking for someone who already has experience working with difficult dogs and is confident and responsible to handle them safely.

If you have a place in your heart for Beto (placement number 21/1933), please send a meaningful email to: Include your phone number and living situation. Beto relishes the opportunity to prove that he is a fine dog after all.

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