May 20, 2024

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A dead goat with a fawn in its belly was found in Arnel Rolwang.
A dead goat with a fawn in its belly was found in Arnel Rolwang. © Margitta Gramlich-Bommersbach

Tenants in the area have issued an urgent appeal to dog owners who have been taking their animals into the woods to find dead goats.

Arlen. “It was a frightening discovery,” says Margitta Gramlich Bommersbach. Even if the forest dwellers of Rolwang City didn’t find this out on their own, it’s terrifying. Last week, a pedestrian alerted the Aalen Forest Service. This, in turn, informed Margitta Gramlich-Bomersbach of the woman’s discovery. At the scene, a 44-year-old man said the dead goat, which had a fawn in its belly, was likely chased to death by one or more dogs.

Is the dog responsible for the death of a pregnant deer?

However, the location near the promenade is already showing signs of this, says Margitta Gramlich Bommersbach. The dead goat was not found deep in the forest, but under the SSV in a small forest between the forest cemetery and the playing field. “That’s why you can’t have it in a place where passersby can’t pass,” says a tenant in the area.

On the other hand, attacks by other wild animals are excluded. Foxes and raccoons will approach fawns, but will not approach adult deer. A pregnant goat, on the other hand, stands little chance against a dog. “She’s pregnant and on the run, and I think she understands what it’s like,” says Margitta Gramlich-Bommersbach.

Why are district tenants warning dog owners instead of condemning them?

“This is not to expose all dog owners,” emphasizes Margitta Gramlich-Bommersbach. She has a dog herself, but she always keeps it on a leash in the woods. She wants the same for all other dog owners. Even if you don’t hunt wild animals, free-roaming dogs are always stressful for your game. But goats, for example, don’t know that. However, it is extremely important to keep dogs on a leash, especially now during the “sensitive period of mating and mating season for young animals.” Also, because fawns are often abandoned by goats and left alone. The risk of a dog tripping over a fawn is huge. But dogs are also pure stress for boars and rabbits. Conversely, dogs could be attacked in streams with chicks, says Gramlich-Bommersbach.

Why are hunted deer dangerous to humans?

Deer move quickly, but not over long distances. In many cases, the animals won’t even be able to cross the street if the dog is chasing them. “A combination of unfortunate circumstances can lead to accidents that endanger people,” says Margitta Gramlich-Bommersbach.

It is compulsory to keep dogs on a leash in urban areas, but prohibited in forests

In Baden-Württemberg, unlike other federal states, there is no requirement for dogs to be kept on a leash in the forest. However, the prerequisite is that the dog is always within the owner’s sphere of influence and available. However, leashes are compulsory in the city of Aalen. The city’s Committee for Culture, Education and Finance (KBFA) is also preparing a new draft, which will be discussed and decided by the Aalen City Council next week. In the future, lead requirements will apply indoors and outdoors within 100 meters of the end of a private development.

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