July 12, 2024

Looking for a bed for your four-legged friend? Give your dog a stylish place to sleep with this handy IKEA hack.

IKEA, the famous Swedish furniture store, impressively shows how its products can be easily used for different purposes. Their diverse lineup includes many items that are useful not only for us, but also for our favorite furry friends. A practical example of this is the DUKTIG doll bed. This can easily be converted into a cozy dog ​​bed for your little furry friend.

DUKTIG doll bed with bed setDUKTIG doll bed with bed set

DUKTIG doll bed with bed set

The price may be higher now. Price as of April 19, 2024, 12:48 p.m.

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Make money with old IKEA furniture: it's that easy

Make money with old IKEA furniture: it’s that easy

Why is the DUKTIG doll bed especially suitable as a dog bed?

Due to its optimal size, DUKTIG doll beds are also particularly suitable for small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Bolognese, etc., as well as puppies. The bed comes with a pillow, mattress, and blanket, so your dog can relax on the bed immediately after setting it up. For even more comfort, you can sew additional pillows or blankets yourself using the remaining fabric and stuffing. We also carry a wide range of bedding in different sizes, colors and designs. TikToker gala.the.tiny.aussie shows in a video that a doll’s bed is an ideal place to sleep.

How about a loft bed?

Do you have not just one dog, but two, or even a cat? No problem! To avoid possible squabbles over sleeping space between your cute four-legged friends, you can easily create a loft bed from two her DUKTIG doll beds. To do this, screw the legs of the upper bed to the head and foot parts of the lower bed using suitable metal brackets. Get creative! The bed can be painted your favorite color to make it a personal and unique item for your furry friend. Ikeahackersofficial has shown off what the completed loft bed will look like on their Instagram account.

The DUKTIG doll bed is especially suitable as a bed for small dogs due to its optimal size, comfortable design and easy adjustment. But it can also be used for cats. With a little creativity and craftsmanship, you can also create a loft bed where all your four-legged friends can have their own bed.

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