May 20, 2024

Dog taxes at the Roggendorf office will be increased retroactively on April 1st. Roggendorf community representatives are expected to vote on this at their next meeting. The purpose of this adjustment is to standardize the municipal ordinances of the Gardebusch region and also standardize the tax rates. The application will be discussed in the Roggendorf Community Room on Tuesday, April 23rd at 6pm.

Average increase rate is 43.5%

Possible adjustments are being considered in a resolution proposed by the municipality. This could result in an increase of between 24 and 66.6 percent, depending on the number of dogs owned and their level of risk. According to the template data, there are currently 131 dogs in the Roggendorf area. The new tax rate will result in an additional dog tax of €2,830 in total.

tax amount

Dog tax until 2023

Dog tax from April 2024

30 euros

50 euros (+66,6%)

60 euros

90 euros (+50%)

90 euros

120 € (+33,3%)

dangerous dog

500 euros

620 euros (+24%)

Office Director Rico Greger could not yet say whether the proposed tax rate would remain unchanged, saying, “We will definitely make a decision, but we don’t know the details yet.”

Dog sports clubs believe the increase will be gradual.

Ralph Koeppe, a dog trainer at Gardebusch Dog Sports Club, classifies the seeming increase as massive. If you don’t have that left, you may need to see if you can get a dog as well. ”

Dog buskers pay the most dog tax

At the current tax rate, Roggendorf is in the middle of the Gardebusch area. Dog owners paid the lowest amount on average in Regnitz and the highest amount in Gardebusch. In addition to dog taxes, dog owners must also have money to meet other obligations, according to Ralph Koeppe.

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“Feed, vaccinations, insurance, training. There’s a lot that goes into properly caring for a dog.” In addition to the cost the dog brings to the community, Koeppe says, the money is used to improve the owners. I hope that.

“Vehicle tax also pays for road improvements. The same thing happens with dog tax, and owners can also benefit from the tax if they invest in animal shelters, bins, dog waste bag dispensers and animal play areas. It will be.”

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