July 12, 2024

California (USA) – American TikToker Adri Pendoltin, 29, lived in Amsterdam with her (ex) boyfriend and their dogs for six years. Problems arose when she wanted to return to California after her breakup.

Nelly (right) moved to Amsterdam with Adrie Pendleton, and Loki (left) was later adopted by a family in Amsterdam. ©TikTok/Screenshot/Collieloki

Her 15-year-old dog Nellie had epilepsy. My cute border collie also heard a heart murmur.

Therefore, it was clear to Adri that Nelly could not fly to the United States in the cargo hold of an airplane. Despite countless requests and explanations, no airline would allow her dog on the plane because it was too big, Adri told PEOPLE.

The only means of escape was a private plane. That’s pretty expensive, so the 29-year-old started her GoFundMe account and actively runs a TikTok account, uploading videos of her second dog, Loki.

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Their video was played on the feed of German pilot Stelau, among others. “I was very moved,” Stetelau told PEOPLE. He then commented that he might be able to take Nellie home to her.

Thanks to his job as a pilot, he can fly guests on planes for cheap. The plane won’t land in California, but at least it will land in New Jersey.


Thus began a unique love story

Thanks to the pilot, Adri and Nelly were able to return to their homeland. ©TikTok/Screenshot/Collieloki

At first, Adri suspected that he was often taken advantage of in weak situations. However, after doing her background check on Hamburger, she decides to trust him.

The two continued writing for two months before finally meeting and leaving in Milan. And it clicked for two dog fans. During the 15-hour flight, they discovered similarities and became good friends. Another plus point was that the dog Nellie von Stetelau was also enthusiastic.

When we parted ways in New Jersey after the flight, we both couldn’t stop thinking about the other person. After some time, Adri took his first step and invited him to America. In March, the Germans visited her new home and quickly became acquainted with her family.

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The new couple will continue to run the TikTok account, but without Nelly. The dog, which Adri called “the ultimate wingman,” died a month after it was returned.

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