May 27, 2024

Berlin police provide insight into their efforts with found animals and share an important message for animal lovers.

A man found the emaciated border collie on Bernauer Strasse on Tuesday afternoon. He alerted the Berlin police, who took the four-legged friend into custody. Officials reported on Instagram. After the dog was rescued, Berlin police published a photo of the miscreant on Facebook, and the result was happy.

A woman noticed the dog. It belongs to her friend. He quickly got into his car and drove 88 kilometers from Belzig in the Potsdam Mittelmark district to Berlin. “Two weeks ago, that’s where his loved one jumped out of an open car window,” police wrote.

“In fact, he completely collapsed in joy at our station, thinking he would never see him again. Our colleague’s eyes didn’t stay dry either,” the police officer said of the dog and its owner. I remember a touching encounter.

Police work also includes finding animals.

In an Instagram post, police are appealing to all animal lovers. According to the article, the police officer has been ridiculed by some of his colleagues in his ranks for diligently caring for animals that have been found and sharing their photos online. Call us all animals. ”

However, authorities are urging people to cooperate with police when it comes to animals that have been picked up, as experience has shown that this increases the chances of reuniting animals and their owners. According to police, the number of animals admitted to Berlin’s animal shelters will decrease as a result.

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