May 21, 2024

A small dog was found in a devastated condition in Norden and had to be rescued. The Animal Friends Association is currently looking for witnesses who can provide information on the unknown owner.

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norden – Norder Verein Aktive Tierfreunde has contacted the editorial team requesting a witness. This is the story of a small dog who was found completely abandoned in the north on Sunday and rescued by a veterinarian. Animal rights activists then filed a police report against the animal’s previously unknown owner. They hope others will come forward who can provide information about the origins of the unchipped dogs. Despite calls on social media, no definitive information about the previous owner has yet been obtained.

Dog’s condition is ‘catastrophic’

A passerby found the dog curled up in the grass on Oder Street in the northern district of Tidveld on Sunday evening. They then called Sonya Lindeman of Active Animal Friends. Lindemann told her editorial team that the dog’s condition was so dire that she found it difficult to bear the sight. Even the vet was surprised. The old, unneutered dog was emaciated to the bone, covered in fleas, and had almost no hair. He also had badly rotten teeth and a tumor in his gums. One eye was missing, the other was cloudy, and one testicle had a tumor. “Due to deformity, accidents, and abuse, his jaw was crooked, making it difficult to open. His tongue hung out of his mouth,” said the first president of Active Animal Friends. But the worst part was the ear, which was extremely inflamed and suppurated. “The dog must have had severe ear pain for months, if not years. This dog also suffered from severe tooth pain for an extended period of time,” Lindemann reported. doing. Veterinarians eventually had to rescue the dog.

lots of unanswered questions

“We wonder why this animal was not taken to a veterinarian, treated, or at least euthanized,” Active Animal Friends said. Treatment would not have been possible for a long time because the disease had become too severe. Animal lovers wonder why no one noticed the dog: relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, postmen, courier, meter readers, landlords. “But we often experience that animals in poor condition are hidden by their owners. Behind the fate of many animals there is also the fate of humans. But the condition of dogs that are found There’s a lack of understanding. How callous are the people who see this animal suffering every day?”

The Animal Protection Society will now bury the dog, which has been freed from suffering, at the animal cemetery in S├╝dbruckmarland.

Marina Volkerts

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