May 18, 2024

Leash requirements cause conflicts between dog owners and conservationists every year, including in the Oldenburg area. Local politics may offer a solution.

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Since April 1, the dog has had to be exposed to danger in the wild again. The breeding and breeding season in Lower Saxony lasts from April 1st to July 15th. For dogs and owners, the bond that binds them is no longer purely emotional. Something completely objective. Lead. There’s a good reason why The Nature Conservancy and conservation groups urge pet owners to keep their animals on leashes and keep them off trails. After all, all the “don’t hunt” and “never did anything like that before” are meant to keep parents away from their offspring, or to scare away those who nest in the ground. It has the potential to utilize only the scent traces of. animal.

Indeed, I too find it difficult to prevent my dog ​​from running freely on its usual path. But it’s supposed to last for three and a half months. “He has to be able to run!” I hear over and over again from other dog owners who struggle with leash needs. This attitude causes conflict in many places. Conflicts could be avoided or at least reduced if there were more fenced off-leash areas that were not subject to leash requirements.

A woman goes for a walk with her dog.  Starting April 1st, dogs must be kept on a leash.  (symbol image)

Denmark is leading the way in the dog forest. Even the country’s smallest villages, often criticized for strict dog regulations, have vast public areas where animals are allowed to run around on leads all year round. A happy side effect is that without a leash, bullying among our four-legged friends is greatly reduced. People tend to avoid each other if there is enough space.

Even if this area of ​​the country is more valuable than the relatively sparsely populated Jutland peninsula, the district of Oldenburg and its municipalities would do well to contribute to the conservation of species in outdoor areas. Existing offers are now manageable and provide more reminders to utilize the remaining space. Remedies will need to be found at the local political level.

From April 1, dogs will once again have to be leashed, and in some areas even all year round. This is a sign from Wedemark.

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