May 27, 2024

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It will cost even more in the future: the Hilgartshausen-Tandern local council has decided to increase the dog tax by 20 percent.
It will cost even more in the future: the Hilgartshausen-Tandern local council has decided to increase the dog tax by 20 percent. © dpa

The local council of Hilgartshausen-Tandern has decided to increase the dog tax by 20 percent. Anyone who obtains a dog license will benefit.

Hilgartshausen – In February, the Hilgartshausen-Tandern City Council decided to increase the dog tax by 20 percent. At a recent meeting, local politicians re-enacted the dog tax law.

From 2025, dog tax will increase from €50 to €60 for the first dog, from €80 to €96 for the second dog, and from €100 to €120 for each additional dog. The tax on category 1 and 2 fighting dogs will increase from 800 euros to 960 euros. Owners of fighting dogs (Category 1 and Category 2) with a so-called negative certificate will now have to pay 480 euros instead of 400 euros.

How to avoid dog tax increases: Dog licenses as an alternative

But not everyone needs to dig deep into their pockets. You can also avoid his 20 percent increase in dog tax. Only if the dog owner has a dog driver’s license (class 1 or above). This shows that the owner is serious about responsible dog ownership.

However, community manager Tania Resensczyk said that downgrading is only possible for up to four years from the calendar year after passing the exam, or until new legislation is issued or existing legislation is amended.

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Local councilor Hans Prebstol (Hilgartshausen constituency) expressed the opinion that a dog license should be required for dog fighting, but according to the council this is not possible. Annabelle Klink-Johnson, a colleague of Mr Prebstol’s parliamentary group, wanted to know what criteria would apply to licensing dogs. Resenscheck explained that a dog license can only be issued by a qualified institution after successfully completing the theoretical and practical parts of the exam.

Dog license requirements: theory and practical exams

The theory exam requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of dog development, social behavior, and breed-specific traits. Further standards include recognizing and assessing dangerous situations involving dogs and responding correctly to them. Dog owners must also understand the meaning of dog body language and different forms of expression, be proficient in dog care and training, and be aware of the legal regulations governing the treatment of dogs, especially in public places. It doesn’t have to be.

Hilgartshausen-Tandern’s new dog tax law allows the practical part of the dog driving test to use the theoretical knowledge gained to demonstrate the safe behavior of dogs and dog owners in public places. It stipulates that there must be.

The dog license examination certificate must state the test participant’s first and last name, date of birth, dog’s name, breed, year of birth, microchip number, and confirmation that it is theoretical and practical. yeah. Test completed successfully. It must include the exam date and the examiner’s signature.

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