July 12, 2024

In the city of Kästorf in the Gifhorn district, a family was devastated.

Your little dog has been fatally injured by another dog. But that’s not all. Samira and Manuela Nicke have received neither judicial assistance nor an apology from those responsible. The dog’s owner, Samira, spoke to News38 about the tragic incident.

Gifhorn district: unexpected attack behind the house

That was March 23, 2023. Samira and Manuela Nizke let their Chihuahua, Liv, run free in the large meadow behind their house. The meadow is the property of the homeowner and is actually harmless terrain for animals. But suddenly, a strange dog without a leash attacks Liv and throws her off twice. “She had severe injuries to her head, so we had to put her down,” Samira says sadly. The attacker’s owner took his pet and left. The shocked family was left with their second dog, Louie. He is traumatized and not used to living without Liv. He hasn’t eaten much at the moment.

Police were immediately notified, but Samira says there wasn’t much they could do. “Dogs are still considered property in Germany, so the police said everything needed to be prosecuted under civil law,” she says. The case was handed over to the Gifhorn District Veterinary Office.

Gifhorn District: Role of the Veterinary Office

The Gifhorn District Veterinary Office is responsible for determining whether the attacking dog is dangerous. It will be determined whether the dog poses a general danger. In this case, keeping a dog is permitted only if certain conditions are met. These include temperament testing, proof of the dog’s social compatibility and owner trustworthiness. Fines may also be imposed. But there’s a catch.

Gifhorn district
After the deadly attack, Liv never had a chance. photograph: Samira Nicke

“Unfortunately, it was not clear from the police report which of the two dogs was the victim of the attack,” Samira said. This means the veterinarian cannot properly examine it. Nothing has been done to date. To date, Samira and Manuela have not received an apology. “The owner lives only 20 meters away from us,” says Samira.

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She even defends the attacking dog – after all, she does not know in advance what happened to him. She said the dog had no social contact and was poorly managed. “I don’t understand how something like this can happen with impunity,” she says indignantly. Her family is considering hiring a lawyer because of the high cost. All walks are torture. “Even though we grew up with dogs, we’re scared of them.”

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