May 18, 2024

Los Angeles, California) – At first, she thought it was a delivery man or a neighbor knocking. But when Nicole Huynh went to the front door and looked down, her heart started pounding. Standing in front of her was her neighbor’s dog, Pita. There was clearly a reason why she was here.

Knock, knock: Pita the dog wants in! © TikTok/Screenshot/thai.and.nicole

Like a child who tries his luck to play with the neighborhood children, Pita mustered up courage. Huynh, who recently moved into a home in Los Angeles, also has a dog named Fia.

The neighborhood furry friend clearly wanted to play with her. “We were so impressed by her human nature that Pita herself came and she knocked like a child,” Ms. Hein told Newsweek this week.

After the dog was successful with her idea, she took it to its logical conclusion. “So now, whenever the neighbors are in the garden or outside, the dog goes to their door, knocks and plays,” says an impressed Huynh.

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But she’s not the only one, hundreds of thousands of people are obsessed with their neighborhood dog.

Dog best friends Pita (left) and Fia. © TikTok/Screenshot/thai.and.nicole

Last week, Huynh’s story became a viral hit on TikTok. You can watch Pita in action in this video. The sweet moment was captured by Huynh’s door camera.

Her fur nose, stuck in the door clip, knocks and scratches a few times before politely waiting there until finally Fia’s owner lets her in. Pita happily greets her human neighbors by wagging her tail. Then the dogs will finally be able to play together.

Huynh couldn’t have found better connections in her new region. She is correspondingly enthusiastic about this fortunate situation.

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“Pita and Fia’s relationship has brought us great joy and has brought us very special people. life I brought it,” said the proud furry friend.

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